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FORMAT Technology Forecasting Newsletter, October 2014

This newsletter contains a published white paper, summary of events and publications related to manufacturing or technology forecasting.

The FORMAT project started with a vision of using systematic methodologies for everyone to see what’s beyond the horizon in technology. To guide decision makers to see far and beyond the obvious.
What is FORMAT ?
FORMAT Project Updates

FORMAT Dissemination: Guest lecture by Igor Kaykov - "Technology Forecasting" September 19, 2014 at RISEBA, Latvia

A presentation of Technology Forecasting has been disseminated at Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration by Igor Kaykov, an experienced researcher in FORMAT project and recruited by Whirlpool Europe. This presentation prepared in frames of dissemination knowledge programme of European project “FORMAT” (Technology Forecasting).

Three main ideas of the presentation:

1. Forecasting is a process of learning about future.

2. How FORMAT methodology supports you?

3. Overview of FORMAT case study.

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On the definition of functions for the identification of system requirements

The evolution of technical systems depends on two different aspects: first, the emerging of new demands from the market and, second, the opportunity due to new scientific advancements resulting in the development of new technologies. In this context the definition of requirements for technical systems is the key to understand what is supporting or preventing the technical evolution of products and processes. Indeed, system requirements represent the knowledge elements linking technology to the demands from market.

Download the paper here

Handbook of FORMAT Technology Forecasting Methodology to Train and Guide Technology Forecasters

The Handbook of FORMAT methodology for technology forecasting provides a unique opportunity as a free step-by-step guide for technology forecasting projects based on real industrial case studies. You can view the first version of the handbook on-lineand give a push to your R&D projects. The handbook guides you through practical steps and validated case studies along the whole forecasting project (from the point of setting up your project to the dissemination of your results).

We welcome all efforts to translate the current version into other languages.

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Events of Interest

Brokerage Event for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
Brussels, November 13, 2014

A brokerage event for the incoming H2020 NMBP work program is organized by the European Technology Platform NANOfutures with the collaboration of EUMAT and Manufuture.

The attendees will have the possibility to:

- Cluster around each Call, proposing their organization or searching for partners with a coach to organize the contributions.
- Present project ideas in 5 min with a slide projector to the whole audience.

More details here

Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference
Detroit, Michigan, October 14-16, 2014

How does your company prepare for the future? What information is vital to your success? AMT's GFMC is key to strategic planning, at the right time, in a convenient place.
  • Manufacturing Technology & End-User Forecasts
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Networking Opportunities
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New Arrivals in the FORMAT Tech Forecasting Library
  1. Pucillo, Francesco, and Gaetano Cascini. "A framework for user experience, needs and affordances." Design Studies 35.2 (2014): 160-179.
    Available at
  2. Cascini, Gaetano, and Francesca Montagna. "Modelling (pre-) Design Activities With a Multi-Stakeholder Perspective." Principia Designae-Pre-Design, Design, and Post-Design. Springer Japan, 2015. 175-197.
    Available at
  3. Baldussu, Alessandro. "A problem solving methodology for the development of bio-inspired products. Systematic use of natural design principles for designers without biological knowledge." (2014). Available at
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