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FORMAT Technology Forecasting Newsletter, April 2014


This newsletter contains a published white paper and summary of the public workshop at Wroclaw, Poland.

Technology Forecasting Newsletter, April 2014

What is FORMAT ?

The FORMAT project started with a vision of using systematic methodologies for everyone to see what’s beyond the horizon in technology. To guide decision makers see far and beyond the obvious.

FORMAT Project Updates

FORMAT Technology Forecasting Workshop, Wroclaw, Poland, Feb 21, 2014

The mission of FORMAT project has been to create a repeatable and usable technology forecasting methodology. Whirlpool Italia has offered several key technologies to serve as case studies for the new FORMAT methodology. Vacuum forming was chosen as the technology showpiece. To invest or not to invest in vacuum forming in the coming years was the challenge the FORMAT core team undertook. The active audience participation led to interesting discussions and important feedback for the development of the methodology.
The event

Presenting Technology Forecasting Outcomes

This white paper describes an important aspect of the FORMAT (FOrecasting and Roadmapping of MAnufacturing Technologies) methodology. How to present outcomes from a technology forecasting project has been considered as a separate and important stage in the FORMAT methodology. The end user will consider a technology forecast worthwhile their time only if the forecast is easy to understand and can be applied for making decisions. The end user considered in this case is a decision maker in a corporate context.

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Events of Interest


Call for Papers for TRIZ Future Conference 2014, 29-31 October, 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland

European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) is organizing TRIZ Future Conference (TFC2014) along with Exelop SA will be hosted by EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland. TFC2014 is also sponsored by CIRP, the international Academy for Production Engineering. TFC2014 will provide an international forum for exchanging new ideas on knowledge‐ based innovation and TRIZ, presenting recent achievements by the scientific community and enabling further advances and collaboration also with the industrial community.
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International Symposium on Forecasting, Rotterdam, Netherlands, June 29-Jul 2, 2014

The International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) is the premier forecasting conference, attracting the world’s leading forecasting researchers, practitioners, and students. Through a combination of keynote speaker presentations, academic sessions, workshops, and social programs, the ISF provides many excellent opportunities for networking, learning, and fun.
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