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14th-15th May 2015: FORMAT Final Conference, PoliMI

7-9th April 2015: Invited speaker, Mahmoud Rabie, at International Conference: Industry Academia Collaboration (IAC 2015), Cairo, Egypt.

18th March 2015: ToK Seminar "Innovation Indicators", PoliMi, by Mahmoud Rabie

9th March 2015: Seminar "Lean Production", WHRIT by Ewa Machalska.

26th February 2015: Tok Seminar "FORMAT Tasks" & "Technology Forecasting as a Consulting Service" PNO, by Mahmoud Rabie.

26th February 2015: ToK Seminar "What is FORMAT?" & "FORMAT tasks", PNO, by Emanuele Festa

24th October 2014: FORMAT Dissemination Seminars at the Twelfth Edition of the Economy Day Treviso, Italy, by Gaetano Cascini

29th October 2014: FORMAT Tutorial at TRIZ Future Conference at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, by Gaetano Cascini.

6th August 2014: Release of FORMAT handbook, rel 1, FORMAT Consortium

4th June 2014: Guest Seminar "Technology Forecasting" by Igor Kaikov and Mateusz Słupiński at Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe, Germany

April 2014 - Present: Release of FORMAT Newsletters, FORMAT Consortium

21st February 2014: Workshop "FORMAT Technology Forecasting Workshop", PWR

19th September 2014: Guest lecture by Igor Kaikov - "Technology Forecasting" at
Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA)

29th November 2013: Seminar "Effective Writing", PoliMI

21st November 2013: Seminar "Learn about the Future through contradictions", PoliMI

8th November 2013: Seminar "FORMAT Methodology - from "FORmulate" to "Act"", PoliMI

15th November 2013: ToK Workshop "Presentation Skills Workshop", PoliMI

16th September 2013: Seminar "Cost Assessment in Innovation Projects", WHRIT

28th August 2013: Seminar "Identification of drivers and barriers for manufacturing technologies", WHRIT

19th July 2013: Seminar "Manufacturing Technologies for household appliances", WHRIT

19th June 2013: Research Directions on Systematic Innovation at Politecnico di Milano", PoliMI

2nd-3rd May 2013: ToK Workshop "Transfer of Knowledge Seminar", PNO

17th April 2013: Tok workshop on "Applying Getting Things Done Methodology to TRIZ Innovation Tools", PoliMI

18th February 2013: ToK workshop "Structural Equation Modeling", PoliMI

23rd January 2013: Webinar "INNEN Technologies for Text Mining",  INNEN

7th December 2012: ToK workshop on "Project management Training", WHRIT

4th December 2012: ToK workshop on "Product/Process modeling", PoliMI

15th October 2012: ToK workshop on "Mathematical models for trend extrapolation within technology forecasting tasks", PoliMI

17th May 2012: PWR -POLITECHNIKA WROCLAWSKA-joined the FORMAT Consortium

16th April 2012: INSA-INSTITUT NATIONAL DES SCIENCES APPLIQUEES, STRASBOURG- terminated its participation in the FORMAT project

14th February 2012: The FORMAT project partners have gathered in Milan in order to attend the Kick-off meeting

1st January 2012: The FORMAT project officially starts

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