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FORMAT Technology Forecasting Workshop

Technology Forecasting Workshop

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Feb 21, 2014
from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM


Building C13, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 23/25, 50-370, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland

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Speakers from both industry and academia will conduct the workshop. The workshop will largely be interactive.

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Location: Building C13, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 23/25, 50-370, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland (Map)

This workshop will be divided into 3 sections:
Session 1 (9am—10.30am):
This session will introduce you to Marie Curie programs and a gist
of the field of technology forecasting (TF). The industrial need for
FORMAT technology will be discussed. This will followed by the
current FORMAT technology forecasting methodology.
Session 2 (10.45am—12.10pm):
A) Vacuum forming, an important step in the manufacture of refrigerators,
is the technology chosen for the application of the
methodology. The stress in the session will be to highlight the
methods used by the participants in the case study. What is
responsible for stopping the evolution of a technology? How
can trends in technology be predicted? How can the dynamics
of performance and costs be used to forecast the future state
of the technology?
B) At the end of this, a built-in tool to assess the effectiveness of
the methodology will be presented. Also, a summary of the
application of the assessment of the methodology will be presented.
C) Conclusion and future steps highlighting the further evolution
of the methodology itself will be presented
Session 3: (12.10pm—1.00pm):
There will be an interactive Q&A to gain more insights into the
methodology and technology forecasting as such.

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FORMAT Technology Forecasting WorkshopFORMAT Technology Forecasting Workshop