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FORMAT Technology Forecasting Newsletter, September 2014

This newsletter contains a published white paper, summary of events and publications related to manufacturing or technology forecasting.

Technology Forecasting Newsletter, September 2014

The FORMAT project started with a vision of using systematic methodologies for everyone to see what’s beyond the horizon in technology. To guide decision makers to see far and beyond the obvious.

What is FORMAT ?

FORMAT Project Updates

FORMAT methodology from project management perspective

From our experience of case study applications of the FORMAT methodology, forecasting results appear, thanks to a sort of learning process. Learning requires time and repetitions. These two elements - time and repetition have a direct consequence in project management life cycle. This paper addresses these elements and other project management solutions embedded in the FORMAT methodology that manifested themselves during case studies done for Whirlpool EMEA.

Download the paper here

Handbook of FORMAT Technology Forecasting Methodology is released

Good news from our side - We have released the first version of the handbook of the FORMAT methodology that we have developed over the past 3 years.

We present a systematic step-by-step methodology to boost your R&D projects and anticipate the next evolution of a technological system. Designed for forecasting industrial processes and aimed at supporting strategic management, this handbook guides you through practical steps and validated case studies along the whole forecasting project (from the point of setting up your project to the dissemination of your results).

We welcome all efforts to translate the current version into other languages.

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Events of Interest

MiniTrends 2014: Insight, Innovation & Strategy
September 26, 2014, Texas, USA

Find, Evaluate, Profit!

Ever wonder how those super successful people came up with that “great idea?” MINITRENDS helps you find great ideas by inspiring a creative mindset and providing a practical process for finding and exploiting emerging trends that have a realistic chance of becoming profitable in the next 2-5 years.  

During this unique conference, now in its 3rd year, you will discover how you can turbo-charge your company’s profit by combining MiniTrends methodologies with your innovation strategies.

More details here

4th Global Innovation Forum
November 19–20, 2014, London, UK

The 4th Global innovation Forum will discuss the latest trends in the field of innovation, creativity, design, R&D and new product development, as well as the major challenges for the future. We rely on a tremendous agenda, experienced speakers, key messages, global players and intense networking.  

More details here

New Arrivals in the FORMAT Tech Forecasting Library
  1. A Novel Methodology for the Sustainability Impact Assessment of New Technologies:
    Kornelis Blok, Mark Huijbregts, Lex Roes, Berthe van Haaster, Martin Patel, Edgar Hertwich, Richard Wood, Michael Z. Hauschild, Piet Sellke, Paula Antunes, Stefanie Hellweg, Andreas Ciroth and Mirjam Harmelink, PROSUITE – EU FP7 Collaborative, large-scale integrating project n°227078, Utrecht, May 6, 2013
    Available at
  2. Handbook on a Novel Methodology for the Sustainability Impact Assessment of New Technologies:
    Anne Gaasbeek, Ellen Meijer, PROSUITE – EU FP7 Collaborative, large-scale integrating project n°227078, 2013
    Available at
  3. Looking Back at Four Years of Research in PROSUITE. Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead: Andrea Ramírez Ramírez, Kornelis Blok, Michael Hauschild, Richard Wood, Stefanie Hellweg, Paula Antunes, Andreas Ciroth, PROSUITE – EU FP7 Collaborative, large-scale integrating project n°227078, 2013    Available at
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