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FORMAT Technology Forecasting Newsletter, May 2014

This newsletter contains a published white paper, summary of events and publications related to technology forecasting.

Technology Forecasting Newsletter, May 2014

The FORMAT project started with a vision of using systematic methodologies for everyone to see what’s beyond the horizon in technology. To guide decision makers see far and beyond the obvious.
What is FORMAT ?
FORMAT Project Updates

Envisioning the future of your technical system through analogies and adaptation

The definition of a finite set of possible alternative about the future development of technical systems is a critical issue in every company that aims at proposing innovative solutions to their customers. By means of this anticipatory analysis, the companies can plan, with appropriate resources and time, the development of their products, processes or services so as to both match the specific demands emerging in various contexts and consistently with the latest advancements of science and technology. 

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Events of Interest

WorldFuture 2014: WHAT IF? July 11-13, 2014, Conference in Orlando, Florida, US

Do you want to share ideas and information with futurists from around the world and discuss the trends and forces shaping the world of tomorrow? If yes, then the upcoming meeting of the World future society meets your expectations. In Orlando, Florida, “WorldFuture 2014: What If” gathers a thousand innovators fundamentally engaged to question our futures, provide answers and inspire new ideas. In this event various activities are planned, such as “Futurists: BetaLaunch 2014”, “Master Courses”, “Meet-the-Author sessions”; “Table-top Exhibits”.
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Research commercialization: (from ideas to IPO) 19-20 May, 2014, London, UK

This event is a platform to promote university-industry-investor collaboration, technology transfer and start-ups by building a cross-discipline partnering opportunity for participants.  In a two-day conference the role of research in innovation shall be discussed as well as its opportunities and threats through Plenary and parallel sessions, including case study presentations from both the US and Europe.
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New Arrivals in the FORMAT Tech Forecasting Library
  1. Zhao, Xin-jun, and Ying Zhao. "Optimizing Six Sigma Processes to Satisfy Customers by TRIZ Innovation Methodology." Proceedings of 2013 4th International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation (IEMI2013). Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014. URL:
  2. Vaseashta, Ashok. "Advanced sciences convergence based methods for surveillance of emerging trends in science, technology, and intelligence."foresight 16.1 (2014): 17-36. URL:
  3. Lee, Joonhyuck, et al. "A Novel Method for Technology Forecasting Based on Patent Documents." Soft Computing in Big Data Processing. Springer International Publishing, 2014. 81-90. URL:
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