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FORMAT Technology Forecasting Newsletter, November 2014

This newsletter contains a published white paper, summary of events and publications related to manufacturing or technology forecasting.

Technology Forecasting Newsletter, November 2014

The FORMAT project started with a vision of using systematic methodologies for everyone to see what’s beyond the horizon in technology. To guide decision makers to see far and beyond the obvious.
What is FORMAT ?
FORMAT Project Updates

FORMAT Tutorial at TRIZ Future Conference at EPFL
October 29, 2014; Lausanne, Switzerland.

Prof. Gaetano Cascini has given a tutorial in October 29 at the TRIZ Future conference during the primary activities of Day 1 at EPFL in Lausanne. Two full lectures about Forecasting and Road mapping of Manufacturing Technologies have been transferred to the audience attending Track 2 of the event.

For more info about the event, view here
Table 1 the categories of Technology Forecasting techniques with the 3 most popular techniques, based on Google Scholar searches. The values in brackets indicates the number of publications

FORMAT Dissemination at the Twelfth Edition of the Economy Day:

(FORMAT Project as a Driving Engine for developed forecasts at SMEs)

October 24, 2014; Treviso, Italy.

In October 24, a conference presenting the project "TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING FOR THE SMEs NETWORKS" was organized at the national level in Italy by the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce during the twelfth edition of the Economy Day "dodicesima edizione della Giornata dell'Economia".

Prof. Gaetano Cascini, coordinator of FORMAT project, explained in details what Technological Forecasting is and how it can support business decisions.
Photo of Prof. Gaetano Cascini

Prof. Gaetano Cascini
Professor at the Politecnico di Milano
For the full presentation about "
TECHNOLOGY FORECASTING: Purpose, method and comparing experiences"follow this link:

Prof. Cascini then introduced the reports of the two working groups:

The first group of companies - made ​​up of Renato Buziol (Fmb Srl), Luigi Cover (Cst Stampi Srl), Tanja Colautti, Luca Nadal and Ivan Samogin (Meteor Sas),Silvia Stocco (Sac Serigrafia Srl), Giorgio Zanchetta(Anodica Trevigiana Spa) - has developed a forecasting with reference to the segment of "domestic ovens".


The second group - consisting of Marco Dedin (Cst Stampi Srl), Sandro Feltrin (Ric Srl), Gabriele Gerometta (Futura S.C.),Mario Lucchese (Lucchese Industria Srl), Paolo Santi (Sac Serigrafia Srl), Davide Staiano (Anodica Trevigiana Spa) - has told how the approach was applied to the segment of "car interiors" from the perspective of those who make plastic components.

The results of these two groups of companies have been achieved through the application of the FORMAT methodology: methodology that has been developed within a European project coordinated by Prof. Cascini with intent to provide a systematic guide to the development of technology foresight in the industrial sector .

These two experiences was accompanied by the talk of Pierluigi Petrali, ofWhirlpool Europe, industrial partner in FORMAT project. This large multinational is not only one of those cases that reinforce their investment in Italy, but also for several years has used a structured approach of forecasting to support their decision-making processes, and to contribute to the development and validation of the FORMATmethodology by various innovative case-studies.

Photo Pierluigi Petralia
Pierluigi Petrali
Whirlpool Europe
For the full presentation about "TECHNOLOGY FORECAST ACTIVITY IN WHIRLPOOL: Objectives and Requirements", follow this link:

The discussion continued with a speech by Prof. Antonello Pezzini, a member of the European Economic and Social Committee , which has placed the instrument of forecasting in the framework of European policies for development.

Photos of the audience

At the end of the conference, a summary of the day, from the perspective of those who work to promote business development and growth, has been provided by ' Regional Minister for the Economy and Development, Research and Innovation, Maria Luisa Coppola.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Some Popular Technology Forecasting Techniques

Analysis of some of the techniques used for technology forecasting (TF) revealed points in favour and against using a particular technique. The techniques were chosen based on the number of publications.

Download the paper here
Table 1 the categories of Technology Forecasting techniques with the 3 most popular techniques, based on Google Scholar searches. The values in brackets indicates the number of publications

Innovation through FORMAT Handbook for Technology Forecasting

(A Training Guide with Validated Case-Studies)

The Handbook of FORMAT methodology for technology forecasting provides a unique opportunity as a free step-by-step guide for technology forecasting projects based on real industrial case studies. You can view the first version of the handbook on-line and give a push to your R&D projects and creative management of your innovation. The handbook guides you through practical steps and validated case studies along the whole forecasting project (from the point of setting up your project to the dissemination of your results).

We welcome all efforts to translate the current version into other languages.

Watch this link
Events of Interest

Events Organised by European Commission:

Fast Track to Innovation Pilot (2015-2016)
A Free Interactive Information Event

January 9, 2015, Brussels, Belgium.

This is your chance to discover a new exciting opportunity for industry-driven innovation under Horizon 2020.

Participants at this event will:

  • Acquire insight into the objectives of this new scheme
  • Become familiar with the modalities of the Fast Track to Innovation call
  • Get practical tips and tricks on how to apply and how to maximise chances for success when applying
  • Be able to interact throughout the event with EU-officials

Register now via e-mail: [email protected]

Seats are free of charge and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Maximum two seats per organisation.

The event will be recorded and made available via webstream (link available soon).


More details here

Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Information Day, save the date!

February 2, 2015, Brussels, Belgium.

To support the preparation of proposals, DG RTD's Transport Directorate of the is organising an Information Day on Monday 2 February 2015 from 9 AM untill 6 PM in the European Commission Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170, in Brussels.

The aim of the day is to inform potential participants in the next round of calls under the Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Challenge of the new Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and to offer opportunities for networking.

The sessions will deliver a brief presentation of the surface transport, the aviation and the cross-cutting topics of the Transport challenge Work Programme 2015.

Information will be given on the Evaluation Guidelines and on the legal and financial Rules for Participation covering all aspects from the submission of a proposal to the signature of a grant agreement.

The participants will have the opportunity to address specific technical questions related to the Work Programme 2015 to European Commission's project officers.

More details here
New Arrivals in the FORMAT Tech Forecasting Library
  1. Lim, Dong-Joon, Timothy R. Anderson, and Oliver Lane Inman. "Choosing effective dates from multiple optima in Technology Forecasting using Data Envelopment Analysis (TFDEA)." Technological Forecasting and Social Change88 (2014): 91-97.
    Available at
  2. Lee, Joonhyuck, et al. "A Novel Method for Technology Forecasting Based on Patent Documents." Soft Computing in Big Data Processing. Springer International Publishing, 2014. 81-90.
    Available at
  3. The new Pictures of the Future Magazine by Siemens:  Available at


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