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September's White Paper online

Requirements of the FORMAT methodology in terms of user friendliness and output

In  January  2013,  a  questionnaire  was  sent  out  to  the  networks  of  the  researchers  involved  in FORMAT,  in  order  to  assess  the  way  companies  handle  innovation  and  problem-solving  (see report on Deliverable 2.1). The questionnaire inquired about the usefulness of forecasting as an innovation tool and about the preferences in terms of needed input (resources, costs) and desired output (benefits). The idea at the time was to incorporate the results as recommendations for the
FORMAT methodology, e.g. how much effort can go into it, which expertise is generally available, what output is expected… The questionnaire can be found at: #

The results  of  the questionnaire  are  summarized  in  this  white  paper.  Some  conclusions  can  be drawn from it and these are translated into some recommendations for the optimization and the exploitation  of the  FORMAT  methodology,  in  order for  it to  be  useful  and  attractive  for  decision makers.